For those of us with natural lawns, this summer probably wasn’t easy. Long, blisteringly hot days may have left us with dead or patchy grass. Spells of rain may have caused overgrowth, and mowing the lawn in humid weather is never fun.

On top of our already busy lives, maintaining a nice lawn during Australian heat waves is expensive and time consuming. If we don’t have the time, paying for maintenance adds up, and if we have a large space, regular watering adds up too. No matter how you look at it, keeping a natural lawn in Queensland is a pricey endeavour.

Save time and money with synthetic grass

The ultimate solution to these issues is synthetic turf. If you’ve never considered fake grass before, it may sound like something that would look and feel unnatural, however, you may be surprised to learn that modern advancements in high quality artificial turf have changed this.

At 4evaturf, these products could not look and feel more real. This synthetic lawn is durable, and yet soft enough for young children to play on. It gives the appearance of a healthy, neatly manicured lawn all year round, while eliminating the need for hard work or reliance on the unpredictable Australian climate.

What sets 4evaturf’s products apart?

As a 100% Australian owned company, 4evaturf has an edge over their competitors thanks to their high quality guarantee. This is because their artificial turf is specifically designed to withstand Australian weather.

A wide range of artificial grass on the market is imported. These brands may be cheap, but you will usually find that during the summer, they tend to cause more problems than they solve. The materials are known to become extremely hot to the touch, causing radiant heat that can effect your whole property. This has even lead to reports of contact burns, making it highly unsuitable for public spaces, and dangerous for those with children.

Synthetic Grass Brisbane 2022

With its inbuilt UV protection, 4evaturf has overcome this problem entirely. Unlike cheap, imported products, their quality synthetic grass is also the best option when it comes to drainage, hygiene, and longevity. No matter how hot the day gets, 4evaturf’s products are suitable for use in children’s playgrounds, putting greens, sports arenas, and anywhere else you might want your own patch of perfection.

Does 4evaturf handle installation?

4evaturf is more than happy to handle artificial grass installation for you, from small gardens to massive stadiums! They can install synthetic grass Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and many places in between.

While you do have the option to DIY, it’s important to know that this can lead to issues if you don’t research sufficiently. It may be a bigger job than you’d think, involving the use of specialised tools and sand infill. Improperly installed artificial grass can lead to both functional and cosmetic issues, and for this reason, 4evaturf recommends the one-off investment of professional installation.

They are also available for cleaning services, both regular and once-off.

And, if you do find suitable artificial turf elsewhere, you can still enlist the help of specialists at 4evaturf to help you install! The friendly, knowledgeable staff have many years experience and will always talk you through any work that needs to be done. Step by step, you can rest assured that they will respect your vision, and do their utmost to make it a reality.

So this year, get realistic grass that lasts, and make 2022 easier on your body, your wallet, and your eyes! Just call 0426 816 921, or use the online contact form to get year round perfection at your doorstep!