If you have installed eco-friendly synthetic turf at your home or business you’ll already be enjoying the numerous benefits it provides. To keep your artificial turf in the best possible condition and looking its best, it is recommended to have it regularly cleaned and maintained.

For the best artificial turf cleaning in Brisbane for 2022, call the experts at 4Eva Turf.

Why Regular Cleaning Matters

While synthetic lawn doesn’t require anywhere near the same level of maintenance as natural grass, it does need a little love and care to remain enjoyable. Pet urine, dust, dirt, leaves and more can all cause your lawn to look dull or smell unpleasant. Where pets are present their waste can also cause harmful bacteria growth.

In situations where your lawn is undercover and not being rinsed by rainfall, regular cleaning becomes even more important. Cleaning your artificial grass lawn ensures it is ready for use and remains hygienic at all times.

Can I Clean My Fake Grass Myself?

Some aspects of everyday cleaning can be easily handled by home or business owners such as the removal of any solid waste from pets, using a leaf blower and giving a quick hose down of the area.

However, periodically, a deep clean should be undertaken by professionals. The team at 4Eva Turf have all the required equipment and expertise needed to properly handle all cleaning and maintenance.

We understand exactly how to refresh your lawn, removing stains, odours and leaving it looking lush and sanitised. Our services are efficient and effective and can also extend the life of your lawn. When properly cared for, your lawn can last 20 years or more.

What Does Synthetic Turf Cleaning And Maintenance Involve?

During a deep clean of your synthetic lawn, you can expect our team to:

Artificial Turf Cleaning

  1. Power brush the grass with a broom or a plastic rake to fluff up the grass and restore its lush, natural appearance.
  2. Remove any surface leaves and debris such as twigs, rocks, sticks or similar and treat any visible stains left behind. Should weeds or moss require poisoning, a water-based weed killer will be applied.
  3. Remove any weeds that have appeared in the turf matting and repair splits or rips where appropriate.
  4. Wash and sanitise the grass using speciality solutions that will not damage or fade the grass. This will be rinsed with a garden hose and left to dry thoroughly, power washers are avoided as they can tear and damage the turf.
  5. Infill the turf with white and/or green silica sand. This would have been done at the time the grass was laid but over time requires replacing to protect the matting from UV rays.
  6. Finally, a turf deodorizer may be applied as the last step.

Once completed, you can expect your lawn to be restored to the high quality finish it had when first installed. It will be fluffy, vibrant, soft and smell fresh.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Synthetic Lawn

It may be tempting to think that your artificial lawn is tough and somewhat impervious to damage, however, it must be treated with care. Made of either polyethylene polypropylene or nylon, the use of the wrong cleaning methods can severely damage your lawn.

Being plastic-based fibres, harsh cleaning agents, heat or sharp tools can melt or tear the grass. Aggressive hosing such as with a gurney or use of metal rakes can cause the fine blades to rip away from the matting beneath.

Gentle detergents and a skilled, methodical approach to cleaning and maintaining your lawn will ensure it lasts well for many years to come.

What If There Are Damaged Sections In My Artificial Lawn?

Should your lawn have areas that have been damaged, our team can facilitate repairs as part of our comprehensive maintenance service. Damage may include but is not limited to:

  • Tears or fraying of the turf from sharp-edged furniture or improper tools.
  • Cigarette burns or burns from stray embers from a fire or coal barbeque.
  • Chemical damage.
  • Loose sections due to poor installation.
  • Stains from pets or spilt beverages.

To repair the damage a small section will be blade length and colour matched to your existing lawn. We will then expertly remove the damaged area and replace it with the new piece of turf to create a seamless finish.

In the case of loose sections, we will lift, stretch and reinstall the turf roll correctly to ensure it is smooth. Loose and rippled turf not only looks unsightly but may pose a trip hazard.

How Much Does A Deep Clean Cost?

The price of artificial turf cleaning varies depending on the size of the lawn, the condition it is in and how recently it has been cleaned.

To determine the most accurate price and to ensure we are able to work within your hoped-for budget, please speak with our friendly team who will happily provide an obligation free quote.

Why Opt For Our Artificial Turf Cleaning In Brisbane?

At 4 Eva Turf, we are passionate about helping our clients enjoy the benefits an artificial lawn can bring. From the initial installation to ongoing care and maintenance, we are the team you can trust to keep your lawn looking exceptional year after year.

With over a decade of experience working with artificial lawn products, we understand how to achieve a natural-looking, low care lawn for your Brisbane home. Whether you already have an artificial lawn installed that is in need of some TLC or are at the early stages of deciding on the right synthetic lawn for your home, we can help.

To speak with the experts for installation, care and maintenance of artificial lawns in Brisbane, contact 4Eva Turf today on 0426 816 921.