North Lakes

With lakes and parks in close proximity, North Lakes is a great spot for those of us who appreciate a little green scenery. But when it comes to maintaining our own outdoor spaces, we don’t always have the time or energy.

If you’d like the look of perfectly manicured grass, with none of the effort and expense of maintenance, then artificial turf is for you. It doesn’t matter if your land is big or small, residential or commercial, this solution makes having a perfect lawn totally effortless, all year round.

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Are you considering artificial grass?

For those who think there must be a catch, you may be surprised by the modern advancements of high quality synthetic turf.

Thanks to these benefits, you can save:

  • Time

  • Money
  • Effort
  • Mess

With artificial grass that looks realistic and lasts for up to a decade or more, you’ll no longer need to worry about doing extra seasonal work, or arranging hired services. You can forget about watering, fertilizing, and tedious weeding methods too. Instead, prioritise the more important things in your life, and rest assured that your property looks perfectly well kept, throughout every season. You’ll never have to worry about dirty feet or pawprints on your floors again!

Suitable for any outdoor spaces

From tiny courtyards to landscaping projects, some possible installation sites include:

Your home garden

If you’d love a patch of inviting green lawn on your doorstep, sit back and relax with grass that never needs work!

Commercial and industrial spaces

No matter how much foot traffic there is, good quality artificial grass will continue to look great and boost the appearance of venues for many years.

Sporting fields

Avoid the unpredictability of relying on the weather. Don’t let mud or holes interfere with the functionality of your grounds.


Despite how durable it is, good quality fake lawn is also soft enough for children to play on comfortably. It’s also safe for kids with grass allergies.

Dog parks

Prevent digging or rolling in the dirt! Artificial grass can be easily cleaned to provide a safe, hygienic place for your pets to play.

Where to get artificial grass near you

Unlike a lot of cheaply made fake grass that can be short-lived and unrealistic, the products sold by 4Eva Turf are both affordable and high quality. While the imported versions aren’t always suited for harsh Australian weather, 4Eva Turf utilises advanced UV protection. This means our products won’t overheat, and can last for up to ten years or more!

We only use the finest materials. With our team of fully licensed and insured specialists, we are able to create truly stunning and functional outdoor spaces. Just browse through our online gallery to see for yourself.

We work all across Mount Gravatt, as well as all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast and more!

Get expert installation with perfect results!

If you’re experienced with DIY for similar projects, this is an option. However, those who don’t have the relevant experience may struggle with installation. To make sure your artificial grass looks perfect, sits evenly, drains well, and is secured against wind and rain, 4Eva Turf are here to help.

We can install our products on your property for the best possible results. Or, if you manage to find artificial grass elsewhere, we’re happy to help with your installation anyway! We’re also available for cleaning services, both once-off and regular.

Our installation services come with a 12 month workmanship warranty, so you can trust that there’ll be no cut corners. For a FREE measure and quote in Mount Gravatt, just call 4Eva Turf on 0426 816 921 or fill out the online enquiry form to get started.