Mount Gravatt

Close to the CBD, while still nice and leafy, Mount Gravatt can be a beautiful spot to live. But as much as we appreciate the beauty of green spaces, we don’t always have the time or energy to maintain them.

High quality artificial grass is the perfect solution. With good synthetic turf, lawns stay neat and green all year round, while you focus on the more important things in life. And if you think grass that looks flawless without any effort is too good to be true, you haven’t seen the perfect results from 4Eva Turf.

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Are you considering artificial grass?

If you still need convincing, consider all the benefits of replacing natural grass on your property.

  • Reduced costs
    Save money on watering, fertilizer, or weeding tools. For sporting fields and other public areas, save the cost of damages from foot traffic or weather.

  • No weather dependency
    Forget all that extra mowing during rainy periods, or desperately trying to revive those brown patches during dry spells.
  • Less mess
    No more dirty or muddy footprints after outdoor activities! Let your kids and pets have fun while staying nice and clean.
  • Effortless perfection, all year round
    Save all the time and energy you put into maintenance, while still enjoying the beauty and functionality of a well kept lawn.

Suitable for any outdoor spaces

Artificial grass is perfect for all sorts of spaces, big and small. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, high quality synthetic turf can enhance the appearance of any lawn, and cut costs for any property.

Common spaces that look great with artificial grass include:

Sporting fields

When purchased from a reputable supplier, synthetic turf is durable enough to last many years, even with increased foot traffic.


Even though it’s made to last, it’s also soft enough for children to play on comfortably. It’s also a great solution for kids with grass allergies!

Home gardens

Pool-side areas, front lawns, courtyards or pet play areas – make any space on your property look spotless and expensively maintained.

Where to get artificial grass near you

Unlike a lot of cheaply made fake grass that can be short-lived and unrealistic, the products sold by 4Eva Turf are both affordable and high quality. While the imported versions aren’t always suited for harsh Australian weather, 4Eva Turf utilises advanced UV protection. This means our products won’t overheat, and can last for up to ten years or more!

We only use the finest materials. With our team of fully licensed and insured specialists, we are able to create truly stunning and functional outdoor spaces. Just browse through our online gallery to see for yourself.

We work all across Mount Gravatt, as well as all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast and more!

Get expert installation with perfect results!

If you’re experienced with DIY for similar projects, this is an option. However, those who don’t have the relevant experience may struggle with installation. To make sure your artificial grass looks perfect, sits evenly, drains well, and is secured against wind and rain, 4Eva Turf are here to help.

We can install our products on your property for the best possible results. Or, if you manage to find artificial grass elsewhere, we’re happy to help with your installation anyway! We’re also available for cleaning services, both once-off and regular.

Our installation services come with a 12 month workmanship warranty, so you can trust that there’ll be no cut corners. For a FREE measure and quote in Mount Gravatt, just call 4Eva Turf on 0426 816 921 or fill out the online enquiry form to get started.